EBS – Electric Boat Show is the only trade fair dedicated exclusively to the entire production and supply chain of electric boats. Offering an innovative and specific vision of the sector, it will present the issues, content and areas of excellence of a market which is a protagonist at both national and international level, using an original formula approved and welcomed by operators on the market.

EBS – Electric Boat Show will be an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange views for all players revolving around the entire production and supply chain of 100% electric sailing. It will address issues related to the boats of today and tomorrow and to all the infrastructure required for the development of the sector.

This will be accompanied by a high-profile conference and training schedule taking the form of seminars, conferences, demonstrations, simulations, tests and trials.

The innovative formula and the setting of the Idroscalo of Milan will allow the B2B event to run alongside participation of the final public with separate, dedicated issues and content.

For the very first time the best ideas in this new way of sailing can be experienced at first hand and tried out, 100% electric boats tested and views exchanged with top players in the sector.

The main aim of the event is to promote the development of electric sailing in all aspects and wherever there is a navigable stretch of water: from seas to lakes, from rivers to canals within cities, to artificial lakes and all navigable stretches of water.


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